True Cooking Master Boy - Season 1

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真・中華一番! - Season 1
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Title:True Cooking Master Boy - Season 1
Genre: Animation
Air Date: 2019-10-11
Season Number: 1
Total Episodes: 12
Stars: Natsumi Fujiwara (Mao), Ai Kayano (Meili), Junya Enoki (Lan Fei Hong), Yukiyo Fujii (Zhi Lao), Yuichi Nakamura (Xi Er), Tomokazu Sugita (Li Wen)
After the death of Mao's mother - Pai - who was called the Goddess of Cuisine, Mao wants to be the Master Chef of his mother's restaurant. However, before Mao takes his mother's place as Master Chef, he travels to China in order to learn more of the many ways of cooking, in the hopes of becoming a legendary chef just like his mother.
Seasons List
  • Season 1 (12 episode) - October 11, 2019

Episodes List

Dream Maker

Episode 1 : Dream Maker

Liu Maoxing has completed his culinary training...
October 11, 2019
Dim Sum Master

Episode 2 : Dim Sum Master

Mao and friends return to Yang Spring Restaurant....
October 18, 2019
The Strange Invitation

Episode 3 : The Strange Invitation

A strange invitation bearing the mark of absolute...
October 25, 2019
Pot of Grudges

Episode 4 : Pot of Grudges

When Zhou Yu becomes unable to participate in the...
November 01, 2019
Ambition of the Cooking Underworld

Episode 5 : Ambition of the Cooking Underworld

Xie Lu warns Mao and his friends to watch out for...
November 08, 2019
The Seventh Knife

Episode 6 : The Seventh Knife

Mao and Lei En begin their knife skills contest...
November 15, 2019
Two Successors

Episode 7 : Two Successors

Mao and Lei En's knife skills contest is...
November 22, 2019
The Eight Legendary Utensils

Episode 8 : The Eight Legendary Utensils

Recognizing Mao has the determination and skills...
November 29, 2019
Shanghai, City of Devils

Episode 9 : Shanghai, City of Devils

Mao and his friends land in Shanghai, City of...
December 06, 2019
Clash of the Super Dim Sum

Episode 10 : Clash of the Super Dim Sum

The Huangpu River Warship Pavilion banquet begins.
December 13, 2019
Clash of the Two Seven Star Knives

Episode 11 : Clash of the Two Seven Star Knives

Dim sum master Xie Lu of the Steel Staff and dim...
December 20, 2019
Man of Destiny

Episode 12 : Man of Destiny

December 27, 2019